About us

We are design, industry and trade professionals who share our passion for organic and sustainable horticulture.

We have learned to obtain the best harvests in our orchards thanks the teachings of farmers, books, older people, agricultural technicians, tutorials and above all, more than 30 years experimenting with the most varied cultivation techniques.

In 2019 we designed the first Hortaljardí for friends and relatives who wanted to plant vegetables in their home garden, but had not experience in horticulture.

The grat success of these gardens has encouraged us to refine the design to improve performance and make them available to anyone interested in growing frech vegetables with very little effort.

We offer advice for the assembly of orchards and doubts about irrigation, and crop care.
Anyone can install a Hortaljardí at home in less than 2 hours by following the assembly instructions.
It may also be a good idea to enlist the help of your regular gardener. He will be able to do the assembly, provide the substrate and connect the irrigation system without further complications.

The organic orchard in the garden of your house

We encorage you to enter the world of domestic cultivation with the Hortaljardí system.

We have not invented anything new.

We have only selected the elements that have given the best results.

We have looked for the finishes that we have found most attractive.

And we’ve put it all in ona box so you can share our hobby.

Do you have any questions?

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